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From kombucha in the jungles of Mexico to nomadic kefir water in the redwood forests of California, we’ve tried our hands at creating many different cultures for crafting fermented soda. Ginger culture was the one that stuck, resulting in a bubbly soda that is just too good not to share (that wouldn’t be very neighbourly of us!).

We are very excited to introduce Vancouver’s first naturally fermented soda. Inspired by the city’s craft food and beverage industry, we believe that it’s time for Vancouver to step up its soda game. Made from only the best ingredients, we are reclaiming ‘soft drinks’ with our living sodas. Before the industrialization of food, pop was fermented, healthy and teeming with life. We want our bubbles back!

But our soda is more than just sustenance for your body. Our goal is also to contribute to our shifting community identity, health and awareness around food. We are committed to sourcing local ingredients when available, and creating seasonal flavors in support our local food security. We have intentionally built our business to reflect and prioritize these community values.

From our kitchen to yours, nourish your temple with Temple Soda.

Erin and Oguz

Temple Soda - Oguz and Erin
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