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We Brew Naturally Fermented Soda

Handcrafted in small batches and infused with organic botanical, it’s all the goodness nature intended for us.


We’re a local company from Vancouver, creating lacto-fermented sodas. We believe in treating your body like a temple, so our products are made from all natural and local ingredients.

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Healthy and Delicious

What makes our sodas special?

Unlike commercial sodas, lacto-fermented sodas contain enzymes, probiotics and actual nutrients. The result? A super hydrating beverage that is delicious and healthy yet low in sugar.


Temple Soda Flavour - Revive

A sneaky way to add the benefits of turmeric to your diet, we’ve teamed this anti-inflammatory super hero with it’s allies, ginger and cinnamon. Fermented with our housemade culture, all the goodness in our ingredients are made more bio-available to keep your body robust. Because the best defense is a good offense.

Temple Soda Flavour - Blush

Blush is our twist on a childhood classic, Cream Soda. Pomegranate juice infused with hibiscus flowers, backed with a pro-biotic punch, this soda makes ‘adult-ing’ fun again.

Temple Soda Flavour - Spry

This lemonade is as lively as you. We take fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice, add it to our housemade culture and leave it to ferment. Naturally occurring electrolytes in fermented drinks match perfectly with the energy boosting benefits of lemons and limes. Our lemonade is nature’s version of a sports drink, sure to keep you refreshed and Spry.

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